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Q: What are the criteria for choosing a good air conditioner?

A: There are a few things which you need to consider before purchasing a new air conditioner. First, if you would prefer to move your AC at your convenience, you should consider a portable ac instead of a fixed one. Secondly, you must also check the cooling power which is mentioned in BTU/h or Watt, and decide which unit is sufficient for your room. And in case you want your AC to have heating abilities, you should also check for a heat pump. Among the optional features, you can check its noise levels, energy saving efficiency, dehumidification capacity, and environmental friendliness. Having a timer will help you set the ‘sleep’ mode at night, so you do not have to wake up late in the night to switch off your AC.

Q: What’s the difference between a portable air conditioner and other types of air conditioners?
A: The basic difference between a portable air conditioner and other types of air conditioners is that portable ACs do not require permanent installation and they can be moved around from one room to the other with ease. Moreover, portable air conditioners help save energy and cut air conditioning costs since, unlike fixed ACs, they do not have to be installed in every room. They can simply be carried to different locations, which ultimately saves you the money spent on air conditioning every room at once.

Q: How can I choose my portable air conditioner?
A: In order to choose the right portable air conditioner, you need to be aware as to how many BTU/h would be sufficient to properly condition your desired area. The BTU/h calculation depends upon factors like the type and size of the area, exposure to sun, number of windows (if any), insulation facilities, and the average number of people present there.

Q: What are the pros and cons of a portable air conditioner?
A: Portable Air Conditioners are easy-to-use handy devices, which can be moved around from one place to the other with ease. You can use them even without any permanent installation. However, you need to make sure that you place them close to a window or French door to avoid any sort of obstruction in releasing the hot and humid air outside the air conditioned area, through the tube provided.

Q: What is required when using a portable air conditioner?
A: To use a portable air conditioner, you need to consider whether you have the following three things: an external window for the discharge of hot air, sufficient space for placing the device, and a power outlet.

Q: Can an air conditioner work on several rooms simultaneously?
A: Though portable air conditioners are designed to condition one room at a time, it is possible to cool several rooms if they are adjacent and there is good air flow between them.

Q: Where do I place the air hose?
A: AMFAH Portable Air Conditioners come with window kits. You can use them to attach the hose to a windowfor the discharge of hot air.

Q: What happens if the hose is not long enough to reach the window?
A: The exhaust hose can stretch to a maximum of about 3.3 ft in length. You need to make the necessary arrangements by freeing up some space near the window or French door, in order to place the device properly.

Q: Can I use a portable air conditioner to cool a room that has no windows or doors to the outside?
A: Yes you can. In that case you need to drill a hole in the wall, which is adjacent to the external environment, for proper outlet of the hot air through the exhaust hose.

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